Your Hosts- Spahn's Bighorn Mountain Bed and Breakfast


Bobbie at nursing graduation in Mitchell, South Dakota where she grew up.





Ron as a geology graduate student in Montana. It was the 60's. The only thing that hasn't changed is the pickup truck. It was an old pickup than and it's still an old pickup.




Ranger Ron. Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone Park, 1965. Even then he was a nature guide.





On the 3rd Sukkertoppen Expedition in southwest Greenland. Far away, Barry Goldwater was running for president.





Coal Mining, 1970's. Ron's "real" career was as a coal mine geologist and lawyer, and later as a mine developer. He worked on establishing the Decker Mine, which became the largest in the world, and later on developed his own mines.




Tending the sluices. Summers in the early '80's the entire family prospected for gold. Our little kids learned the meaning of digging to bedrock at an early age.




Ron at work on the walls of the house. It took two years of full-time work to build the house, mostly working alone.





Bobbie, house building in 1984. She was also busy working on an advanced nursing degree and raising two little kids.





Our kids, Heather and Eric, early-day B&B workers. Eric is now an engineer in Billings. Heather lives in the Bull Mountains and works as a dental assistant in Billings. Both vow that they will never have their own bed and breakfast.




The Stockwell Fire, 1996. Ron has been a member of the Bighorn Fire Department for many years and battled countless wildland fires.





After eleven years running the nursing program at the Wyoming girl's reform school, Bobbie became a public health nurse, caring for elderly folks living in their own homes.




More than twenty years ago Ron and Bobbie began taking paying guests, and they've been doing that ever since- more than 10,000 guests by now! It's Ron's full-time occupation and a sideline for Bobbie.





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